Wednesday, 30 July 2008

It's never too late for orthodontics!

I’m Practice Manager at Longborough and I’ve worked here for 15 years. In all that time I have dreamed of having straight teeth but never wanted traditional orthodontic treatment or veneers (another method of filling unsightly gaps). The crunch came recently when we had some pictures taken for our website. I had noticed that the gap in my front teeth was getting worse and the teeth at the sides were becoming more rotated, but when I saw this picture I knew action was needed.

When I was younger I had orthodontics but never with a fixed appliance (train tracks). I attended Guy’s Hospital in London and I was treated by Professor Tulley who was very highly respected in his field at the time. The results were good but I was a teenager so naturally I didn’t wear my retainer as conscientiously as I should have. (My father Richard Hooker, a dentist himself, really had to put up with a lot.) Over time and without a retainer the gaps in my teeth opened up and they began to rotate. I just accepted my teeth for what they were. After all they were dentally fit and a good colour. I learned to live with it but I wasn't happy.

In June 2008 we were fortunate enough to be joined at Longborough by Paul Ward, a leading orthodontic specialist. When I plucked up the courage to talk to him about my teeth he immediately said he could help me get the smile I wanted. He suggested that I have ‘Lingual Orthodontics’ and not just any lingual appliance but an amazing appliance called Incognito.

Next week I am having my upper appliance fitted. I’m feeling slightly anxious about how it’s going to feel but incredibly excited about the end results. I will endeavour to keep you up to date with the treatment as it progresses via this blog. I’ve put some information about the treatment below so you can see for yourself how it works.

If you are interested and want to know more call our reception team and make an appointment with Paul.
It’s never too late for orthodontics to give you the smile you deserve.

Practice Manager

Incognito braceLingual appliances are braces fitted on the inside of the teeth and therefore hidden and “invisible.” It is still a fixed brace and therefore allows full control of tooth movement unlike clear aligners. The Incognito system is the first totally individual bracket system for lingual orthodontics and offers the highest patient comfort that is technically possible. Incognito system is only provided by Incognito certified orthodontists.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Woaaah! – Go Ape!

At Longborough we work hard. We are committed and involved and because we set ourselves the challenge of providing the highest level of care for every patient there is the constant pressure to deliver throughout the day. To do this we rely on our training and abilities and the team around us. From the moment a patient comes in the door it is 'the team' that is of paramount importance. It requires a caring, efficient team working in perfect harmony to ensure that each patient has the very best experience.

So yesterday we had a team building day.

And it really was a success! It is recommended in all the best management handbooks. You are told to select an off-site venue and find an activity where the whole team can join in. So we went to Alice Holt Wood, near Farnham, to climb in the trees. And everyone participated.

The whole dental practice went to 'Go Ape' an outdoor climbing activity. Here's how their publicity describes it, 'The Go Ape experience at Alice Holt involves climbing, swinging, crawling and generally enjoying yourself on a series of treetop assault course-style ladders, ropes, tunnels, bridges etc. You'll experience an Ape's eye view of the Forest from heights of up to 40 feet above the ground, with stunning views over the treetops.' All true - but to make sure we would really test ourselves we went in the pouring rain.

It was brilliant and exhilarating at the same time as being nerve-wracking and mouth drying! But most of all it was very, very wet. It didn't stop raining all day! But that didn't dampen our spirits. Team Longborough were up for the challenge and we gave it our all. We swung and jumped and zipped and made lots of very strange noises! I have posted some pictures here so you can see what we got up to.

We had booked this well in advance so the weather was just bad luck on the day. But what makes 'Go Ape' such a success are the guys that run it. They are so helpful and all made apologies for the bad weather. As we were leaving they said they felt so bad about the wet conditions (it was really wet!) that they offered Longborough a special 10% discount to pass on to any of our patients who might want to try it out (in the dry). If you want to give it a go ask any of the reception team for the special 'Go Ape' 10% discount code (the discount applies from Monday to Friday). I would highly recommend this activity for the over 10’s – it's a great way to beat the holiday blues.

Personally speaking I loved every minute of it (almost). I have been scared of heights since I was a child and tackling the entire course successfully has been great therapy. In spite of the weather we had the most awesome day! And to my surprise practically everyone agreed that they would be prepared to come back for a second time. But preferably on a sunny day!

Best of all, everyone is reinvigorated and ready to get back and work harder than ever as part of the team at Longborough, delivering the very best patient care. On the ground, in the dry!

Practice Manager