Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Temporary Closure for Scheduled Improvements

Longborough will temporarily close from Tuesday 30 August – Friday 2 September for scheduled building works. We will open as usual from Monday 5 September.
Our answerphone will be manned each day so in the event of an emergency please call 01306 882494 and listen for instructions. We will get back to you within 1 working day.
For enquiries other than emergencies please email:
Telephones may be disrupted at times during the week. Further information can be found on our front door and website.
We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Please give us a recommendation

If we make you smile please give us a short review on social media or recommend Longborough to a friend. It would be much appreciated.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


A Fabulous Testimony From One of Our Patients

This popped into my email this morning from one of our long term patients. How lovely! 

"My family and I have been coming to Longborough Dental Practice for over 12 years. We continue to be so impressed with it. The excellent care given to us by the Patient Advisors, the professionalism of the the dental nurses (and their lovely happy smiles) and the treatment given to us by the Hygienists and Dentists have continued year on year. My children feel so at ease with Dr Emma McFarlane as the dentist and I love her holistic approach and genuine concern that she has for us all. We all feel so secure in her care. Recently I have had to have some treatment from Mr Richard Snoad the Periodontist. What a life changing difference it has made to my life. I genuinely believe he has saved my teeth and I cannot thank him enough. I can highly recommend this dental surgery".

Thank you all for your on going care! We genuinely appreciate it and are so grateful for the way you all go 'above and beyond' in your jobs! Well done! I hope everyone tells you what a good job you all do!.. it's a rare and precious thing to find these days.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Meet the Team 

Today we want to introduce to you Camilla - one of our fabulous hygienists.

Camilla joined Longborough  in the summer of 2015 and very quickly became part of the team.

Camilla trained at King's College Hospital as a Hygienist Therapist which means she has a broader scope of practice than a traditional hygienist.Her calm professional approach to her work combined with an empathetic nature ensures that her patients receive the very best care when they come to Longborough.

In her spare time Camilla enjoys spending time with her two horses Sky and Sundance and her beautiful one-eyed cat Twiggy.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Meet The Team

We are going to run a series of blogs to let you get to know our team here at Longborough.

For our first team member we thought we's start with our youngest, Dental Nurse trainee, Sabine. Who also wrote our last blog in July.

Sabine or Bini as she is known to us, joined us in June 2015 as a trainee dental nurse. She is attending college in Haywards Heath studying for her National Diploma in  Dental Nursing. She is a local girl having been born and brought up in Brockham. Sabine is also a fully trained hairdresser (the third hairdresser to join our team). Her other interests include going to the gym and a particular fondness for bulldogs. She would love to own one in the future. Ambitions include travelling the world and doing a parachute jump.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Are you the left or right hand side? A blog post written by our student dental nurse Sabine.

Are you on the left hand side or the right hand side?
Left hand side:
This isn’t just staining.. This is gum disease.
Right hand side:   
This isn’t a Hollywood smile.. This is a healthy smile.

Top 10 most common mistakes we make when looking in our mouth.

I have no pain so I do not need to see a dentist..

Oral cancer can be pain free. Chronic infection can be pain free for a long time. Do your oral health a favour and visit your dentist on a regular basis- They are the doctors of our mouths!

I can’t floss anymore because it makes my gums bleed..

Bleeding gums are a sign of our gums crying! They are in pain from plaque! Gums bleed because they are inflamed. Once the inflammation has calmed down from cleaning in between those interdental spaces they will stop bleeding and become happy and pink again!

Choosing the right tool..

Its 2016 - why are you still using a manual toothbrush? Electric toothbrushes are easy to use, have timers so that you brush them for the recommend 2 minutes and they are better for hard to reach areas!


Do not scrub your teeth so hard! Over-brushing can cause gum recession and damage the surfaces of your teeth. The gum you lose due to recession will not grow back! Go easy!

Not using interdental brushes/floss..

Is like having a shower and not using any soap! Your toothbrush can’t get in-between your teeth so if you’re not getting into these areas you’re leaving plaque on around 40% of your teeth – these are the most common areas for decay and gum disease to start!
Would you remove this plaque daily if you knew it contained all these bacteria and substances?
Skin cells, food debris, toxins,  acids and more!

When is the correct time to brush?
A lot of us think that the morning is the most important time to brush our teeth. Dental care professionals advise to brush twice daily because:
Once in the morning: To protect the teeth for the day and remove the bacteria created overnight.
Once before bedtime: This is critical. The teeth have had at least 12 hours of bacteria having a party in your mouth during the day. It takes 12 hours to effectively create decay and harden plaque. That’s one day and night for dental problems to occur!

Using fluoride toothpaste..
It is clinically proven that fluoride protects our teeth and minimises decay. It is important to supervise your children while using toothpaste and to use as directed. Spit out the toothpaste and do not rinse it off.
Well you wouldn’t want a filling would you?

Whitening toothpaste’s..
Tooth whitening products are becoming ever popular, this is because we all want that ‘Hollywood’ white smile. Whitening paste can be highly abrasive so be careful when using them, they may remove staining but cannot change the colour of teeth. Ask your dentist for tooth whitening! They are the experts!

Brushing teeth after food and drink!
We all want fresh breath! But please wait at least 45 minutes before brushing your teeth after lunch or coffee! Your teeth have just become soft and fragile from the food that you have eaten, brushing straight away damages your enamel! Enamel is very important for protecting your teeth.

Let go of your toothbrush every 3 months!
           Let it go! Let it go!
We clean our teeth to remove bacteria. Bacteria can multiply on your toothbrush. Most of us do not change our toothbrushes often enough. Your toothbrush becomes worn out and starts to harbour bacteria on the bristles and handle. Treat yourself to a new one once in while!


Monday, 11 July 2016

Teeth Whitening Summer Special

In addition to tooth decay, tartar and fillings, smoking and drinking tea, coffee or alcohol are all reasons Why teeth can discolour. So for summer, Longborough Dental are reducing the price on teeth whitening treatments to help brighten your smile.

For a limited period only we are offering £50 off our 'In-house Whitening' treatment and £30 off our 'Home Whitening' treatment.

Just quote IHW2016 or HW2016 when you book at reception.

*New Patients requiring whitening treatment will need a consultation first.

Offer ends 30 September 2016

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Here's a wonderful testimonial we received last week

This wonderful testimonial we received from a patient last week is about treatment received from William Scott our endodontist (who carries out our root treatments here at Longborough) and his lovely nurse Michelle.

"At the age of 68 I’m ashamed to admit my fears of dental treatment led me to neglect my teeth for many years. Recognising I need my teeth for at least another 15 years (!) has forced me to attend regular dental appointments at Longborough where I have always been made to feel at ease.

I suffer from bleeding gums and six weeks ago an x-ray showed I had a severe abscess in a top tooth and would need root canal treatment.

I was terrified at the thought of three hour long appointments to treat it.

However – I was introduced to Dr William Scott and his assistant Michelle and would like to reassure everyone how amazingly calm and reassuring they both are during the long appointments. Dr Scott gently encourages confidence. After the initial numbing injection I felt no pain at all, during and after the treatments and no sense of panic or fear.

I have no hesitation in recommending them and reassuring other nervous patients that they are in great hands."

Mr N W June 2016