Friday, 16 January 2009

Orthodontic Treatment Watch - January 09

Just before Christmas I had my lower orthodontic Incognito appliance fitted (and just like the upper one it is 'invisible' to anyone who looks at my mouth as it’s placed on the inside of my teeth). After four months of treatment on my upper jaw our Orthodontist, Paul Ward, felt it was time to commence with the lower treatment. Yet again I was full of trepidation as it took a couple of weeks to adjust to the first appliance. What would the lower experience be like?

Paul assured me I would adjust more quickly, but I wasn’t so convinced. However, I can now report that after an initial weekend of speech difficulties, my tongue is again accustomed to its new environment. (I am amazed by how quickly my mouth adapts to change.)

Eating is not a problem if a few sensible rules are adhered to; cut food into smaller pieces and avoid things like crusty bread, crisps, peanuts etc. (Over Christmas this has been fabulous for my waistline. There was no temptation to ‘pick’ at snacks and as meals take a little longer to eat, I have actually eaten slightly less.)

As we start the New Year I have resolved to put as much effort into my fitness as my teeth. I have been inspired to take a holistic approach to myself and concentrate my efforts elsewhere too! Since I started my orthodontic treatment I have lost about 9lbs, purely through cutting out snacks and I’m going to take advantage of this. My treatment is not only an investment in my smile but in myself. I’ve made resolutions that I shall stick to and by 2010 I hope to be fitter, happier, and above all else, able to smile with confidence.

Practice Manager

Incognito is a high-tech appliance, designed specifically for your teeth and is virtually invisible so the only one who will know you are having orthodontic treatment is you. If you would like to know more about Incognito orthodontics please contact our reception team at Longborough Dental Practice on 01306 882494.