Monday, 7 September 2009

Find out more about our new Team Member; Lisa

I was a care worker for over 12 years but in 2003 I decided to change my career and moved into dental nursing. In my first job I helped start up a very small practice with one dentist and as it grew, I grew with it.

From then on I knew dental nursing was the career for me and I have never looked back. My favourite part of the job is everything but I am especially interested in implant dentistry and the challenge of setting up a sterile field. I am delighted to have the opportunity to do this kind of work at Longborough.

At home I have three children, a dog and a cat to run around after. This keeps me busy but I also enjoy active leisure pursuits and have just taken up cycling. (I hope to do the London to Brighton ride one day.) When I have any free time I go to the gym do a little bit of boxing, horse riding and swimming. I like socialising, singing 'red wine' and the gym.

Qualified Dental Nurse

We are pleased that Sue has joined the team at Longborough and just want to make it absolutely clear that it says singing red wine above not swigging red wine.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Find out more about our new dentist; Asad

After qualifying at Manchester University in 2002 I moved back to Surrey and I was very excited at the prospect of my first job in dentistry. That was seven years ago and during that time I have worked in General Practice and gained a great deal of experience. (And I am every bit as enthusiastic about working at Longborough now.)

I have a strong passion for cosmetic ceramic and implant treatments and my interest in this area has taken me on numerous post-graduate courses. I am always keen to develop my skills and knowledge to help ensure I deliver a very high standard of patient and dental care. My aim is to take a patient through a journey that is as pleasant as possible!

Outside of working hours I enjoy visiting galleries, theatres and restaurants and and I love to travel, when I take longer holidays. I am also a great football enthusiast and watch games regularly (as well as a wide variety of other sports) thanks to my sky subscription. I am not always sitting down however; I regularly play snooker, pool and tennis and keep fit by swimming.

Asad Lalloo, BDS