Wednesday, 26 June 2013

CPR training

Last week the Longborough Dental Team carried out their basic life support and CPR training. This is an annual event which ensures that the team’s skills and knowledge are up to date with current guidelines. We regularly review our protocols and systems so we are prepared in the event that one of our patients (or team) should become unwell. It is a really important date in everyone’s diary.

Back 2 Life have been running our annual course for many years. They take us through various scenarios and we have the opportunity to re-familiarise ourselves with situations which may arise and review how best to manage them.

 On the day, each Team member needs to demonstrate that they are able to give quality CPR and work together efficiently in an emergency.

We are taught how to recognise signs of medical emergencies such as heart attacks, severe allergic reactions and other trauma. We also reviewed the contents of our emergency kits, from medicines to oxygen cylinder, their uses and mode of administration.

As always this was an excellent training session; it is essential to be able to refresh our knowledge on such a very important subject.

 As much as we hope we will never have to use these skills, the team at Longborough are always very keen to ensure that they are prepared for any situation that may arise.

Practice Manager