Friday, 6 August 2010

Endodontic and implant clinics to start in Autumn

This autumn our endodontic and implant clinics will be starting work in the new Forest Treatment Room. Designed with you, our patient, in mind, the room features a beautiful ‘tranquility’ wall, with a floor to ceiling mural depicting a meandering path through a forest glade. You will find it a stress free environment in which you will relax as you recline in the pressure-mapped, comfort enhanced chair.

The Forest Treatment Room comes fully equipped with a custom built ‘scrub’ area, separated by a bespoke curved wall (a story in itself and one of the reasons the installation took longer than planned). And in September we will be taking delivery of a highly specialised ‘Global’ Root Canal Microscope, for endodontics. (This is such a specialised item that it had to be ordered from the USA as it cannot be sourced in the UK). We have also fitted a state-of the art vacuum autoclave, to ensure that we comply with the current ‘best-practice’ guidelines for Dental Implant treatment.

The multi-purpose nature of the room has required us to invest in a range of new equipment but we have only purchased either items that are necessary to perform specialist treatments or that allow us to provide you with a better service. We set a budget and we are pleased to say that our practice manager used her negotiation skills to good effect. So you can be sure that Longborough offers, not only first class treatment, but the very best value for money.

Ask to see the Forest Treatment Room when you next visit Longborough.