Sunday, 1 February 2009

I liked it so much...

Me and Victor Kiam

Some of you may remember Victor Kiam through television advertising some years ago. He was the man that liked the Remington razor that he had purchased so much that he bought the company. Well I haven’t bought Longborough Dental Practice, but there is a loose connection. After being so impressed with the service at Longborough as a patient, I joined them, becoming their Financial Manager in April 2008.

I have a small bookkeeping business working for seven companies in the local area and Longborough contacted me as they were looking for someone to manage the financial side of the practice. So now I am installed on the top floor of the practice with a new computer, new accounting software, plenty of numbers to deal with, and a great view towards Ranmore - bookkeeping bliss!

Although I only work here one day a week I was made to feel part of the team right from the start. I was included on the team building day which involved climbing through a forest at a height of 40 feet (see the picture above). I am not great with heights and it was probably the wettest day of 2008 but it was a great team building experience, enjoyed by all despite returning home soaked to the skin.

Longborough are passionate about training as this will constantly improve the service we offer to our patients. Very recently a one day course was held for all the team at a rather beautiful country house which has been converted into a conference centre. It was a good day, and very beneficial. (After we had finished I rejected the offer of using the swimming pool as I still hadn’t dried out from the day in the trees!)

As a patient my twice yearly visits to Longborough were quite painless and I was always impressed with the friendly welcome I received from the front desk. Many of you will know Theresa, who has been here for some years. In all that time I don’t think that she has ever stopped smiling. To improve our service further Odetta has joined us as Customer Service Manager and she is usually to be found in Reception helping patients.

The thing I like best about Longborough is that it is situated in a very comfortable detached house. For me it is like working from home (although mine is somewhat smaller)! As a patient I appreciated this because it doesn't really feel like a dental surgery. (And this is particularly good news for anyone who is nervous about a visit to the dentist.)

As you can see I liked Longborough so much, I bought into it. Come along and experience it for yourself - you won't be disappointed. One thing's certain, you'll get a very warm welcome.

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