Tuesday, 29 December 2009

New Year Message - Dec 2009

As I haven’t written a Blog for a while I thought I would take the opportunity to look back at the past year and forward to the next and let you know what we’ve been up to at Longborough Dental Practice and what we have planned.

2009 has been a busy year for us. Our commitment to our patients means we re-invest in the practice and its team to ensure we can offer the best levels of service and this requires planning. At Longborough the management team take ‘time out’ every quarter to plan ahead (up to three years in many instances) and ensure that the decisions we make are put into action.

In 2009 the Longborough dental and administration teams undertook a wide and varying programme of continuing professional development. We attended courses, talks, meetings, conferences and showcases.

The whole team attended courses in Customer Services, Communication skills, Cross Infection Control (ensuring the patient is guaranteed the ‘best practice’ in this area), Radiation Protection (X-ray’s), Basic Life Support and Anaphylaxis training.

Longborough Partner, Dr Shernaz Wadia took her Implant team (nurses, hygiene therapist and practice manager) to the Association of Dental Implantology’s Biennial Conference in Birmingham where we attended a wide range of presentations to increase our knowledge and understanding of the techniques and applications of implant dentistry.

Our dentists have attended a range of courses in restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, four-handed dentistry & dental implants in addition to ‘Communication Skills’; ensuring they effectively ‘listen’ to their patients and communicate fully throughout every course of treatment. They are also active members of the local BDA (British Dental Association) society and regularly attend meetings in connection with this.

Dr Vipul Kataria, who carries out our Endodontics (root treatments) at Longborough has been very enthusiastically accepted into the Longborough family both by our patients and our team. Whilst his area of expertise might not sound like the most comfortable and enjoyable aspect of dentistry, patients tell us that Vipul delivers just that. Close to completing his Msc in Endodontics at The Eastman Dental Institute, Vipul is probably pouring over books and notes, revising for his Viva, as I write this!

Looking ahead
Our plans for 2010 include a refurbishment programme for our treatment rooms. With this in mind the whole team went to the British Dental Trade Association Showcase in Birmingham last month. We wanted to compare and contrast all the available equipment for the contemporary dental surgery in 2010 and beyond.

One area that we are paying particular attention to is dental chairs, not only from the aspect of a clinical delivery system but also from the point of view of patient comfort. This is something that is paramount to us at Longborough. We certainly came across a huge range of chairs and our favourites were the ‘memory foam chair’ which ‘moulds' to your body’s natural curves, reducing awkward pressure points, and (the one we all had to try out for ourselves) the ‘massage’ chair. This actually gives you a back massage whilst you have your dental treatment! You will have to wait and see which chairs we choose.

So as this year draws to a close I can assure you that the Longborough team will continue to plan ahead, continue their professional development, re-invest in the practice and ensure that you, our loyal and valued patients, will receive the benefits of all our hard work.
Our very best wishes for the New Year!

With warmest regards,
Practice Manager

We welcome feedback at Longborough and like to hear from you not only when we get it right but also when we get it wrong. We take any information you give us as an opportunity to learn and improve. If you have something to say why not email us? You can contact me via the administration team on admin@longboroughdental.co.uk