Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Find out more about our new Team Member; Sue

Originally I worked in the retail trade and discovered that I very much enjoy dealing with the public. So when I eventually moved into the medical sector, working in the pharmacy at St George’s Hospital in London for 5 years, I was in my element. I then became an optical receptionist/technician and on moving to Dorking in 2006, I worked as a dental receptionist.

I joined Longborough in March 2009 and
settled in very quickly as everyone is so friendly and helpful. Like an extended family! I love the variety in my role – working on reception, providing information about the Longborough Membership Scheme and answering patient’s queries as well as learning about the new computer system.

I’m a keen member of the National Trust, so moving to Dorking has enabled me to have easy access to the many lovely NT properties and gardens in the area. I’m also a member of the RSPB and bird watching is one of my hobbies, together with badminton, film/theatre and gardening. I have a 26 year old cockatiel and have just acquired a rescue cat, so keeping them apart occupies a lot of my time!


Reception Team

Sue is one of the newest recruits to the Longborough Admin Team and an occasional ‘twitcher’ (not twitter).

Monday, 3 August 2009

Orthodontics for everyone.

Of course, I have talked to Alison, our Practice Manager at Longborough, about her orthodontic treatment and I follow her blog. I have been interested to hear about her experience and also her views on the treatment. One of her blog posts was entitled "It's never too late" and this is exactly how I feel so I have taken the plunge!

I had my teeth straightened when I was a teenager and I remember how painful and embarrassing it was. In those days it was not the ‘norm’ to have fixed braces and certainly not cool as a 16 year old. However, after the treatment, my teeth looked better and I was pleased.

Having now worked in the Dental Profession for over 30 years, I knew that my teeth could still be improved in many ways and so in April I took the exciting decision to start with some more orthodontic work. It is all so different and so much easier than last time. The fixed appliance moves everything very gently, the brackets are very discreet, the orthodontist is very gentle and my teeth are already moving!

Taking care of the appliance is very easy, I even managed a week in the Algarve just 2 days after it was fitted. The only slight niggle is that I have had the veneer taken off my upper incisor so at the moment I have a very brown tooth showing but it will look perfect when everything is finished. So if you see me smiling with my brown tooth you will understand.

I feel very lucky that I am having this treatment, it makes me feel young and I am really looking forward to my new smile. My 16-year-old daughter however is mortified that her mum has a brace and walks a few paces behind me!

Janet Scott
Longborough Dental Hygiene Therapist

Janet is undergoing her treatment with a ceramic orthodontic appliance. Ceramic braces are made of translucent (clear) high quality ceramic material with brackets that are virtually invisible. They are a practical and effective option because they are cosmetically less obvious than traditional metal braces, cost less than a lingual brace and are are easy to adapt to.