Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Orthodontic treatment watch - September

If you had told me 6 weeks ago that the ‘gappy’ appearance of my teeth would have disappeared within weeks, I would never have believed you. I am positively delighted with the initial results of my orthodontic treatment. I saw Paul Ward, the Longborough Orthodontist, on Friday and we looked at the 'before' treatment pictures. I’m quite amazed that so much has happened so quickly. There's still a way to go to achieve the result Paul is aiming for and my patience, with the braces, will be tested on the way (more below) but the in end it will be worth it, I'm sure.

Here are some of the side effects with
lingual orthodontics from a patients perspective:

The first challenge you have to master is speech. I lisped my way through a summer holiday and even now, 6 weeks into treatment, when I’m tired and not paying attention to my speech I find myself lisping again. However, people I speak to assure me that they are unaware of any difference (perhaps I’m being too critical). Two weeks ago on a training day in London I had to stand in front of 25 dentists and make a brief presentation – they all understood me perfectly in spite of my concerns. And each week it improves as my tongue gets accustomed to it’s new environment. (When the braces are removed next year I will probably find it difficult to adjust to life without them!)


Eating is another challenge and a whole new experience with lingual orthodontics. You have to change your diet and avoid all sorts of foods that you previously took for granted. In my case crisps, biscuits and French bread are all off the menu now. So what’s the best side effect for me? Weight loss!

I have one more regular check appointment in October, then in November the lower appliance will be fitted. I can’t say I’m looking forward to that - another month of adjusting to something else in my mouth.
But looking back on the past 6 weeks I can reassure myself that any discomfort will be short lived. I will adapt. And this year for once I am not going to gain the usual 7lbs at Christmas!

Practice Manager

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