Tuesday, 29 December 2009

New Year Message - Dec 2009

As I haven’t written a Blog for a while I thought I would take the opportunity to look back at the past year and forward to the next and let you know what we’ve been up to at Longborough Dental Practice and what we have planned.

2009 has been a busy year for us. Our commitment to our patients means we re-invest in the practice and its team to ensure we can offer the best levels of service and this requires planning. At Longborough the management team take ‘time out’ every quarter to plan ahead (up to three years in many instances) and ensure that the decisions we make are put into action.

In 2009 the Longborough dental and administration teams undertook a wide and varying programme of continuing professional development. We attended courses, talks, meetings, conferences and showcases.

The whole team attended courses in Customer Services, Communication skills, Cross Infection Control (ensuring the patient is guaranteed the ‘best practice’ in this area), Radiation Protection (X-ray’s), Basic Life Support and Anaphylaxis training.

Longborough Partner, Dr Shernaz Wadia took her Implant team (nurses, hygiene therapist and practice manager) to the Association of Dental Implantology’s Biennial Conference in Birmingham where we attended a wide range of presentations to increase our knowledge and understanding of the techniques and applications of implant dentistry.

Our dentists have attended a range of courses in restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, four-handed dentistry & dental implants in addition to ‘Communication Skills’; ensuring they effectively ‘listen’ to their patients and communicate fully throughout every course of treatment. They are also active members of the local BDA (British Dental Association) society and regularly attend meetings in connection with this.

Dr Vipul Kataria, who carries out our Endodontics (root treatments) at Longborough has been very enthusiastically accepted into the Longborough family both by our patients and our team. Whilst his area of expertise might not sound like the most comfortable and enjoyable aspect of dentistry, patients tell us that Vipul delivers just that. Close to completing his Msc in Endodontics at The Eastman Dental Institute, Vipul is probably pouring over books and notes, revising for his Viva, as I write this!

Looking ahead
Our plans for 2010 include a refurbishment programme for our treatment rooms. With this in mind the whole team went to the British Dental Trade Association Showcase in Birmingham last month. We wanted to compare and contrast all the available equipment for the contemporary dental surgery in 2010 and beyond.

One area that we are paying particular attention to is dental chairs, not only from the aspect of a clinical delivery system but also from the point of view of patient comfort. This is something that is paramount to us at Longborough. We certainly came across a huge range of chairs and our favourites were the ‘memory foam chair’ which ‘moulds' to your body’s natural curves, reducing awkward pressure points, and (the one we all had to try out for ourselves) the ‘massage’ chair. This actually gives you a back massage whilst you have your dental treatment! You will have to wait and see which chairs we choose.

So as this year draws to a close I can assure you that the Longborough team will continue to plan ahead, continue their professional development, re-invest in the practice and ensure that you, our loyal and valued patients, will receive the benefits of all our hard work.
Our very best wishes for the New Year!

With warmest regards,
Practice Manager

We welcome feedback at Longborough and like to hear from you not only when we get it right but also when we get it wrong. We take any information you give us as an opportunity to learn and improve. If you have something to say why not email us? You can contact me via the administration team on admin@longboroughdental.co.uk

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Raising money for Children in Need – Sunday 22 Nov.

Last Friday the Children in Need charity event was on TV. At Longborough Dental Practice, we all dressed in Pudsey scarfs (and some of the less inhibited wore furry ears) for the day, to raise awareness/sponsorship for a walk we intended on the following Sunday.

With all the bad weather around the country last week we had picked a bad time for a walk on the hills. But it was for Children in Need so there was no way any of the fundraisers were going to pull out. The weather forecast for Sunday was not good but when we all met up at Wyevale Garden Centre it didn't seem too bad.

There were nine of us in all, Longborough team members and various relatives, friends and dogs. I had put posters and sponsorship forms in the patient lounges and reception at the Practice so we had pledges for donations which we were all determined to collect. We intended to walk 10 miles despite the conditions. We expected the walk up Box Hill to be fairly tough because several of the party (including me) had done this before. What we didn't expect was that the minute we started off the wind would pick up and it would start to pour. By the time we got to the top of the hill (slipping and sliding all the way up) it was blowing a gale and the rain was lashing down!

Intrepid and determined as we were it was very hard work (as you can see from the pictures). It also took a lot longer than we had intended because it was so difficult to walk in all the mud. (I am still trying to wash the mud out of my clothes.) But we all got to the top and all got back down safely, though we did take a slightly shorter route than planned. Anyway, at least the three dogs enjoyed the walk!

A big thank you to all the walkers and to all the sponsors. We have raised a total of nearly £350 which will be sent to Pudsey.

ps. If you pledged money don't forget to send in your donation

Senior Dental Nurse, Longborough

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Lisa's Dental Implant - 2

As a nurse at Longborough Dental Practice I have had experience of Dental Implants but now I have a new perspective; experience as a patient!

On the day of my treatment everyone wore a gown, as they do in an operating theatre, and even I had to have a sterile drape over me and wear a funny hat and glasses. I had seen implants placed before and knew the procedure well, but it’s a bit different when it's you in the hot seat. I have to admit it did make me feel a little nervous!

I was made very numb so it didn’t hurt as much as I feared it might even though the surgery required took some time. Because my tooth had been so badly damaged it broke into pieces as the root was being removed and came out in fragments. This was the hardest and longest part of the procedure, for the implantologist. I, on the other hand, was quite happy lying under my 'comfort blanket' chatting away to him while he was struggling with my tooth. I chatted the whole way through, (when I had a chance to) as I wanted to know everything about the operation!

It was a pleasant surprise that what followed was the most gentle and quietest drilling I’ve ever seen or heard in the dental chair. I could have fallen asleep, if I had not been so intrigued by what was going on. Quite soon after this, the implant was screwed into place. After the tooth had been removed it had been discovered that I had some bone deficiency, so at this point I had a bone graft (using some of my own bone fragments taken from the drill). Very interesting!

The implant itself is a titanium rod that, once drilled into the bone, effectively acts as a new root and has a prosthetic tooth attached to it (see the diagram above). I'd had impressions taken a few weeks earlier and these had been sent off to a lab. A temporary crown had been made and this was ready to go straight on to the implant. I was almost done!

More about my treatment to follow.

Qualified Dental Nurse, Longborough

Implants are not suitable for everyone. You will need to have healthy gums and be in good general health. You also need enough jawbone to take the posts and support the replacement teeth (complications arise where there is bone deficiency). Treatment involves undergoing surgery twice or more over a period of several months. Patients must also be prepared to maintain very good oral hygiene and visit their dentist regularly. Ask for a consultation with Dr Wadia.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Lisa's Dental Implant – 1

As a nurse at Longborough Dental Practice I enjoy my work, especially when it involves Dental Implants. In fact, I have been so impressed with this treatment that I have decided to have an implant myself!

When I damaged one of my teeth, some years ago, the root was fractured and I had to have root canal treatment and a crown. I was informed at the time that this was remedial but that there was a chance it would not be completely successful because of the extent of the trauma. However it did last for a long time (well over 10 years) and probably would have lasted longer had I been willing to put up with it!

It looked absolutely awful! It was the wrong colour and it was a bad shape. People always noticed it and in photos it always stuck out, literally (don't look at the picture above). The problem was - I couldn’t have a new crown fitted as the damaged root was too fragile, so I only had two options. I could choose a bridge which meant that the two adjacent teeth would have to be filed down and crowned, to hold the bridge, (which didn’t appeal to me as they were perfectly healthy teeth with no restorations) or I could choose an implant.

I have seen fantastic restorations with implant treatments so there was no contest and my treatment planning soon began. A lot of time and planning is involved in this procedure but it is well worth it, when the end result is so amazing. I know it will look and feel like it’s my own tooth!

More about my treatment to follow.

Qualified Dental Nurse, Longborough

Dental implants can provide a substitute for a natural tooth root and thus provide a platform on which to attach prosthetic teeth. An alternative to bridgework or dentures, implant technology could transform your smile. This procedure is now available in-house at Longborough Dental Practice. Ask for a consultation with Dr Wadia.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Find out more about our new Team Member; Lisa

I was a care worker for over 12 years but in 2003 I decided to change my career and moved into dental nursing. In my first job I helped start up a very small practice with one dentist and as it grew, I grew with it.

From then on I knew dental nursing was the career for me and I have never looked back. My favourite part of the job is everything but I am especially interested in implant dentistry and the challenge of setting up a sterile field. I am delighted to have the opportunity to do this kind of work at Longborough.

At home I have three children, a dog and a cat to run around after. This keeps me busy but I also enjoy active leisure pursuits and have just taken up cycling. (I hope to do the London to Brighton ride one day.) When I have any free time I go to the gym do a little bit of boxing, horse riding and swimming. I like socialising, singing 'red wine' and the gym.

Qualified Dental Nurse

We are pleased that Sue has joined the team at Longborough and just want to make it absolutely clear that it says singing red wine above not swigging red wine.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Find out more about our new dentist; Asad

After qualifying at Manchester University in 2002 I moved back to Surrey and I was very excited at the prospect of my first job in dentistry. That was seven years ago and during that time I have worked in General Practice and gained a great deal of experience. (And I am every bit as enthusiastic about working at Longborough now.)

I have a strong passion for cosmetic ceramic and implant treatments and my interest in this area has taken me on numerous post-graduate courses. I am always keen to develop my skills and knowledge to help ensure I deliver a very high standard of patient and dental care. My aim is to take a patient through a journey that is as pleasant as possible!

Outside of working hours I enjoy visiting galleries, theatres and restaurants and and I love to travel, when I take longer holidays. I am also a great football enthusiast and watch games regularly (as well as a wide variety of other sports) thanks to my sky subscription. I am not always sitting down however; I regularly play snooker, pool and tennis and keep fit by swimming.

Asad Lalloo, BDS

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Find out more about our new Team Member; Sue

Originally I worked in the retail trade and discovered that I very much enjoy dealing with the public. So when I eventually moved into the medical sector, working in the pharmacy at St George’s Hospital in London for 5 years, I was in my element. I then became an optical receptionist/technician and on moving to Dorking in 2006, I worked as a dental receptionist.

I joined Longborough in March 2009 and
settled in very quickly as everyone is so friendly and helpful. Like an extended family! I love the variety in my role – working on reception, providing information about the Longborough Membership Scheme and answering patient’s queries as well as learning about the new computer system.

I’m a keen member of the National Trust, so moving to Dorking has enabled me to have easy access to the many lovely NT properties and gardens in the area. I’m also a member of the RSPB and bird watching is one of my hobbies, together with badminton, film/theatre and gardening. I have a 26 year old cockatiel and have just acquired a rescue cat, so keeping them apart occupies a lot of my time!


Reception Team

Sue is one of the newest recruits to the Longborough Admin Team and an occasional ‘twitcher’ (not twitter).

Monday, 3 August 2009

Orthodontics for everyone.

Of course, I have talked to Alison, our Practice Manager at Longborough, about her orthodontic treatment and I follow her blog. I have been interested to hear about her experience and also her views on the treatment. One of her blog posts was entitled "It's never too late" and this is exactly how I feel so I have taken the plunge!

I had my teeth straightened when I was a teenager and I remember how painful and embarrassing it was. In those days it was not the ‘norm’ to have fixed braces and certainly not cool as a 16 year old. However, after the treatment, my teeth looked better and I was pleased.

Having now worked in the Dental Profession for over 30 years, I knew that my teeth could still be improved in many ways and so in April I took the exciting decision to start with some more orthodontic work. It is all so different and so much easier than last time. The fixed appliance moves everything very gently, the brackets are very discreet, the orthodontist is very gentle and my teeth are already moving!

Taking care of the appliance is very easy, I even managed a week in the Algarve just 2 days after it was fitted. The only slight niggle is that I have had the veneer taken off my upper incisor so at the moment I have a very brown tooth showing but it will look perfect when everything is finished. So if you see me smiling with my brown tooth you will understand.

I feel very lucky that I am having this treatment, it makes me feel young and I am really looking forward to my new smile. My 16-year-old daughter however is mortified that her mum has a brace and walks a few paces behind me!

Janet Scott
Longborough Dental Hygiene Therapist

Janet is undergoing her treatment with a ceramic orthodontic appliance. Ceramic braces are made of translucent (clear) high quality ceramic material with brackets that are virtually invisible. They are a practical and effective option because they are cosmetically less obvious than traditional metal braces, cost less than a lingual brace and are are easy to adapt to.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

I liked it so much...

Me and Victor Kiam

Some of you may remember Victor Kiam through television advertising some years ago. He was the man that liked the Remington razor that he had purchased so much that he bought the company. Well I haven’t bought Longborough Dental Practice, but there is a loose connection. After being so impressed with the service at Longborough as a patient, I joined them, becoming their Financial Manager in April 2008.

I have a small bookkeeping business working for seven companies in the local area and Longborough contacted me as they were looking for someone to manage the financial side of the practice. So now I am installed on the top floor of the practice with a new computer, new accounting software, plenty of numbers to deal with, and a great view towards Ranmore - bookkeeping bliss!

Although I only work here one day a week I was made to feel part of the team right from the start. I was included on the team building day which involved climbing through a forest at a height of 40 feet (see the picture above). I am not great with heights and it was probably the wettest day of 2008 but it was a great team building experience, enjoyed by all despite returning home soaked to the skin.

Longborough are passionate about training as this will constantly improve the service we offer to our patients. Very recently a one day course was held for all the team at a rather beautiful country house which has been converted into a conference centre. It was a good day, and very beneficial. (After we had finished I rejected the offer of using the swimming pool as I still hadn’t dried out from the day in the trees!)

As a patient my twice yearly visits to Longborough were quite painless and I was always impressed with the friendly welcome I received from the front desk. Many of you will know Theresa, who has been here for some years. In all that time I don’t think that she has ever stopped smiling. To improve our service further Odetta has joined us as Customer Service Manager and she is usually to be found in Reception helping patients.

The thing I like best about Longborough is that it is situated in a very comfortable detached house. For me it is like working from home (although mine is somewhat smaller)! As a patient I appreciated this because it doesn't really feel like a dental surgery. (And this is particularly good news for anyone who is nervous about a visit to the dentist.)

As you can see I liked Longborough so much, I bought into it. Come along and experience it for yourself - you won't be disappointed. One thing's certain, you'll get a very warm welcome.

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Friday, 16 January 2009

Orthodontic Treatment Watch - January 09

Just before Christmas I had my lower orthodontic Incognito appliance fitted (and just like the upper one it is 'invisible' to anyone who looks at my mouth as it’s placed on the inside of my teeth). After four months of treatment on my upper jaw our Orthodontist, Paul Ward, felt it was time to commence with the lower treatment. Yet again I was full of trepidation as it took a couple of weeks to adjust to the first appliance. What would the lower experience be like?

Paul assured me I would adjust more quickly, but I wasn’t so convinced. However, I can now report that after an initial weekend of speech difficulties, my tongue is again accustomed to its new environment. (I am amazed by how quickly my mouth adapts to change.)

Eating is not a problem if a few sensible rules are adhered to; cut food into smaller pieces and avoid things like crusty bread, crisps, peanuts etc. (Over Christmas this has been fabulous for my waistline. There was no temptation to ‘pick’ at snacks and as meals take a little longer to eat, I have actually eaten slightly less.)

As we start the New Year I have resolved to put as much effort into my fitness as my teeth. I have been inspired to take a holistic approach to myself and concentrate my efforts elsewhere too! Since I started my orthodontic treatment I have lost about 9lbs, purely through cutting out snacks and I’m going to take advantage of this. My treatment is not only an investment in my smile but in myself. I’ve made resolutions that I shall stick to and by 2010 I hope to be fitter, happier, and above all else, able to smile with confidence.

Practice Manager

Incognito is a high-tech appliance, designed specifically for your teeth and is virtually invisible so the only one who will know you are having orthodontic treatment is you. If you would like to know more about Incognito orthodontics please contact our reception team at Longborough Dental Practice on 01306 882494.