Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Lisa's Dental Implant – 1

As a nurse at Longborough Dental Practice I enjoy my work, especially when it involves Dental Implants. In fact, I have been so impressed with this treatment that I have decided to have an implant myself!

When I damaged one of my teeth, some years ago, the root was fractured and I had to have root canal treatment and a crown. I was informed at the time that this was remedial but that there was a chance it would not be completely successful because of the extent of the trauma. However it did last for a long time (well over 10 years) and probably would have lasted longer had I been willing to put up with it!

It looked absolutely awful! It was the wrong colour and it was a bad shape. People always noticed it and in photos it always stuck out, literally (don't look at the picture above). The problem was - I couldn’t have a new crown fitted as the damaged root was too fragile, so I only had two options. I could choose a bridge which meant that the two adjacent teeth would have to be filed down and crowned, to hold the bridge, (which didn’t appeal to me as they were perfectly healthy teeth with no restorations) or I could choose an implant.

I have seen fantastic restorations with implant treatments so there was no contest and my treatment planning soon began. A lot of time and planning is involved in this procedure but it is well worth it, when the end result is so amazing. I know it will look and feel like it’s my own tooth!

More about my treatment to follow.

Qualified Dental Nurse, Longborough

Dental implants can provide a substitute for a natural tooth root and thus provide a platform on which to attach prosthetic teeth. An alternative to bridgework or dentures, implant technology could transform your smile. This procedure is now available in-house at Longborough Dental Practice. Ask for a consultation with Dr Wadia.